yondoo Broadband Acquires Cable Television Assets from the City of Kahoka to Extend Its’ “Fiber to the Home” Infrastructure in Kahoka, MO

Chantilly, VA – yondoo Broadband is pleased to announce it has acquired the cable television assets from the City of Kahoka. The company plans to immediately upgrade the network to a fiber-to- the- home (FTTH) infrastructure which will deliver up to 1 gigabit (1Gbps) high-speed Internet, as well as, advanced cable television services to the residents of Kahoka, MO.

“A fiber to the home infrastructure is rare in towns in our area. Having this type of telecommunication service available to residents and businesses will keep Kahoka on pace with leading metropolitan areas. We are very excited to work with yondoo Broadband to extend its state of the art network to Kahoka” said Mayor Jerry Webber.

Exceptional Internet                                                                                        Customers in Kahoka can choose from a selection of five (5) Internet speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Stay connected to the Internet and quickly download movies, TV shows, pictures and music; service starts as low as $34.95 per month.

Spectacular TV                                                                                                       yondoo Broadband’s TV service boasts picture quality so good…you’ll feel as if you’re there. Enjoy an all-HD channel lineup of over 200 channels which includes local networks, sports, and national networks. Advanced DVR services will help keep you caught up on your favorite shows, in addition to Video-On-Demand and Pay-Per-View. Plus, you will be able to watchTVeverywhere, to enjoy your favorite shows on all your mobile devices.

“Customers in Kahoka will experience fast reliable Internet and advanced TV options that rivals the quality of service in major metropolitan areas in the U.S.” said John Long, Chief Operating Officer for yondoo Broadband. Network construction will begin in October, with customer installations anticipated in December, 2018.

Residents or businesses interested in learning more about yondoo Broadband services can get details at yondoobb.com.

About yondoo Broadband                                                                                    yondoo Broadband’s fiber to the home network offers customers exceptional Internet as well as an innovative video platform that integrates the best of cable TV with premium channels (such as HBO & Cinemax). yondoo Broadband demonstrates its commitment to the highest quality customer care and technical support; simple and transparent billing; and friendly customer care specialists.